Rally the troops.

Join Texder and His Crew for this Nationwide Distracted Driving Program

In the fall of 2016, Texder and the crew are hopping in Wipeout and taking a cross country trip. They’ll be stopping at as many communities as possible along the way, educating everyone on the dangers of distracted driving.

Bring Texder to your school. Sign the pledge blocks and build Wipeout. Participate in unique team building activities. Watch the lessons and be educated and entertained. Let’s all work together to end distracted driving everywhere.


Why September – October?

Many schools want to run the program as part of fall homecoming activities.

Can we run the Crusade at a different time?

Sure. You can run Texder’s Crusade whenever you’d like. We just need about 4-6 weeks of lead time to get your kit ready and delivered to you.

Do you offer any incentives or discounts?

Yes. Based on production timelines, we can offer discounts as follows:
Sign up before July 15th, 2016 for a reduced price of $1,500 plus free shipping. That’s a total savings of $480!*
Sign up before July 31st, 2016 for a reduced price of $1,650 plus free shipping. That’s a total savings of $330!*
Sign up before August 15, 2016 and receive free shipping.*

* All signups require a $500 deposit. Remaining balance is due within 30 days. All deposits are non-refundable as they are used to begin production on your kit. 

Also, in order to offer Texder’s Crusade to as many participants as possible, we are offering an additional 5% discount to you for every referred school that signs up for the Crusade.