Every crusade needs a leader.

Your fearless leader on the Crusade is a pasty nonagenarian who likes his cars chopped, his tunes loud, and his french fries extra greasy. He has rebuilt his custom rat rod, Wipeout, more times than he can count. That’s because he’s also been in more crashes than he can remember. Texder may be a little rough around the edges, but ultimately his heart (or at least his ribcage) is in the right place. Just remember to do as he says, not as he does.

Members of his band, Texder and the Bad Habits, also make appearances in the series of video lessons. The cast of characters includes:



Doc is not just an honorary title. She’s the smartest one in the group and the only one with a PhD. By far the most refined of the lot, Doc has traveled the world and appreciates the finer things in life. She’s loves horses, Texder, her parents, and America, too.



Guy plays keyboard in the band and is a fan of all things pop culture. He has a knack for spontaneously appearing when you least expect it. He also tells incredibly bad jokes, likes his water carbonated, and moonlights on the amateur wrestling circuit as “The Banana Bandito.”



Nobody is really sure where Possum came from, in part because he never speaks. He has been known to keel over in his tracks, which is either due to high anxiety or narcolepsy. He maintains a steady liquid caffeine diet, has monster guitar chops, and is the resident shredder for the band.



Red is a large athletic freak capable of changing a tire without a jack. He’s also a trained sushi chef, a voracious reader, and lays the funkiest bass groove north of New Orleans.


Boo Boo

Boo Boo is a fan of warm laps, loud doorbells, and things that smell especially bad. He is in constant motion, which includes his incessantly yapping jaw. He was runner up to Bling Bling in the Frisbee Dog World Championship three years running, a fact that still causes many sleepless nights.