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For Companies

The safety and well being of employees is important to every organization. Whether you have an entire fleet of vehicles, a sales team of road warriors, or simply employees making the daily office commute, driving safety is an integral part of your business. It also has a direct impact on the bottom line, and not just when employees are at work. In 2013, off-the-job crash injuries cost $21.8 billion, or 81 percent of motor vehicle crash health-related fringe benefit costs.

Texder’s Crusade is an employee wellness and education program that features positive messaging, hands-on activities, and Wipeout, the life size pledge car. The program addresses the top ten driving distractions, not just texting or cell phone usage. Texder’s Crusade will certainly spark conversation, engage, educate, and entertain — and ultimately help save lives and reduce employer costs.

Cost of Motor Vehicle Crashes to Employers

$24,057 per crash

$68,316 per injury

$671,574 per fatality

Source: Cost of Motor Vehicle Crashes to Employers—2015.™  The Network of Employers for Traffic Safety. www.trafficsafety.org

What You Get

Wipeout Pledge Car

Wipeout is a life-size car that everyone signs as part of their pledge to avoid distracted driving. We suggest placing Wipeout in the lobby, large hallway, or the cafeteria or break room — any high traffic area that maximizes exposure.

Build Your Own Hot Rod!

Complete build instructions are included in the kit — and don’t worry, Wipeout can be assembled in ten easy steps! Watch the time lapse video below.

Texder’s Lessons

Texder and his friends have created a series of video lessons that demonstrate what NOT to do behind the wheel. These lessons address the top ten driving distractions. You can choose to show the lessons as part of an in-house wellness program, email a daily reminder link to all employees, or simply provide the URL for everyone to watch on their own.

distracted driving lessons

Team Building Challenges and Activities

These hands-on team building activities show exactly how hard it is to do two things at once. Teams compete in these intentionally difficult distracted driving challenges, learning and laughing the whole time.

Pay It Forward

After your organization has run Texder’s Crusade you have a further opportunity to spread the word. Donate your kit to a local school, police department, or community organization. It’s a great way to support your community, and publicly supporting this cause in a tangible way offers great PR and brand recognition.