These are trained professionals. Do not try this at home..


Texder is on a crusade to change bad habits and wipe out distracted driving. He and his crew have created a series of lessons that address the ten most common driving distractions. Each lesson follows Texder or one of his bandmates as they engage in dangerous driving activities and demonstrate the ensuing consequences.

Distraction: Passengers

Lesson: Car Party

Texder and the crew are on the way to the garage. It’s a short trip, but shenanigans ensue, which leads to distracted driving and an up-close encounter with law enforcement.

Distraction: Daydreaming

Lesson: How Did I Get Here?

Red is both a large athletic freak and a big thinker. Today, he demonstrates how being lost in your own head leads to distracted driving.

Distraction: Cell Phone

Lesson: I Got Your Number

As the de facto promoter for the band, Guy spends a lot of time on the road scouting out new places for us to play. He likes to pass the time by pranking us with horribly bad jokes. Unfortunately, that also means he’s talking on the phone when he should be paying attention to the road. 
Also, Texder gets a blast from the past.

Lesson: Chatty Cathy

In today’s lesson, Texder learns that talking on the phone while driving leads to some dangerously unintended consequences. And that those little green things are called peas, not “poops.”

Distraction: Eating

Lesson: Needs Ketchup

Texder has been working out with Red, and now he’s burning calories like The Flash. He makes a pit stop at the Grease Emporium to pick up some super soaker fries. Unfortunately, he gets so engrossed in the golden nectar morsels of yumminess that he forgets to stay focused on the road.

Distraction: Adjusting Controls

Lesson: Crank It Up

Texder is experiencing a bit of Summertime Sadness, so he goes on a joy ride down the coast. He learns how crankin’ the tunes can lead to some serious distracted driving.

Lesson: Recalculating

As the de facto promoter, Guy travels around finding new hot spots for the band to play. He is not the best with directions, so he relies heavily on his GPS for guidance. He soon finds out how one annoying GPS can make for some very distracted driving.

Distraction: Grooming

Lesson: I’m Just a Hairy Guy

Possum is a freak about his image. Today he decides to style his hair while driving and learns firsthand how simple daily activities can be a huge distraction behind the wheel. We also see Texder channel his inner Fabio.

Distraction: Uncaged Animal

Lesson: Sit Boy Sit

Texder is taking Doc’s new dog, Boo Boo, to the vet. He learns a hard lesson about distracted driving and allowing a pet to wander free in the car.