Texder's Distracted Driving Crusade

Texder’s Crusade is an interactive campaign to end distracted driving that features:

  • A life-size hot rod car that people sign as their distracted driving pledge
  • A series of entertaining and educational video lessons taught by Texder and his friends
  • Fun and competitive team-building activities
  • Positive, consistent messaging
  • Branding and marketing opportunities for sponsors

Wipeout: The Pledge Car

Wipeout is Texder’s hot rod. 12 feet of corrugated plastic and all-American street muscle. She’s had a few makeovers over the years — that’s what happens when you’ve been in as many crashes and Texder and his crew.

Take the pledge and sign your name directly onto Wipeout. It’s a tangible way to reinforce your commitment to avoid distracted driving.



distracted driving lessons

Texder’s Lessons

Texting and driving is bad, but other driving distractions can be just as dangerous. Simple things like eating, adjusting the radio or even daydreaming can cause a crash. Texder and his crew demonstrate exactly what NOT to do behind the wheel.

Who is Texder’s Distracted Driving  Crusade for?

Texder’s Crusade can be implemented by:

  • Businesses and corporations as part of a wellness initiative
  • High schools
  • Police and community safety coalitions
  • Any company with a fleet or drivers (including sales staff!)
  • Groups looking for unique team-building and community outreach opportunities
  • Civic organizations looking to raise awareness

… anyone that wants to help wipe out distracted driving!

Why Texder's Distracted Driving Crusade?


Wipeout gets noticed, and that’s a surefire way to raise awareness for such an important cause.


Watching Wipeout come to life is a thrilling process. Everyone that signs Wipeout is taking the pledge in a very tangible way, and the ongoing presence of the car is visible reminder of that commitment. Add in the teambuilding challenges and video lessons and you’ve got a campaign built for sharing!


Most people are aware of the dangers of texting and driving. However, not everyone is aware that daydreaming is the biggest distraction, or that simple things like eating or changing the radio station can be dangerous. Texder’s Crusade addresses the most common driving distractions.



Too often, distracted driving campaigns focus on negativity and scare tactics, which studies have shown to be ineffective. The pledge car, lessons, and team building challenges help change behaviors with positive messaging and engaging activities that people want to talk about.

Recent Crusaders

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