• February 22, 2017

Texder's Quiz – Westlake

Texder's Quiz – Westlake

Texder's Quiz – Westlake 150 150 Texder's Distracted Driving Crusade

Welcome to Texder's Distracted Driving quiz. Think you're a better driver than Texder? We sure hope so! Take this 10 question quiz and let's find out…


This distraction increases your likelihood of a crash by 80%:


These are all examples of reaching — a manual distraction that takes your hands off the wheel and causes havoc for other drivers as you swerve all over the road:


This driving distraction is nearly twice as common as cell phone use:


1 out of every __ car crashes in the United States is caused by texting and driving.


Math time:

Texder leaves Mobile, Alabama, traveling eastbound at 67 mph. Doc loads up her dog, Boo Boo, and starts a road trip heading westbound from Syracuse, New York at 44 mph. Texder starts his trek at 10:13am. Doc heads out at 10:46am. What time will the two distracted drivers collide, and what happens to the yappy little unrestrained dog in the back seat? 


A _________ driver is 3X more likely to cause a car crash than a non-distracted driver.


Chances are, this distraction is something you do every time you are in the car:


Of all the driving distractions, this is the biggest cause of fatal crashes:


What is the single biggest cause of distracted driving accidents?


This activity averages 12 seconds of distraction — equal to traveling 525 feet without looking at the road!

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